how long have you been a nurse?

How to Answer Common Patient Questions

perioperative nursing

I know it can be intimidating when you are a new nurse to answer this question, and it can seem confrontational. In reality, patients just want you to show confidence. If you are a newer nurse, simply tell them, "A year and I love it. I've learned so much and am supported by a great team of expereinced staff. " A response like this tells the truth yet gives your patient confidence in the team.

̶ L.S., RN 9 Years

perioperative nursing

This is a question that used to catch me off guard, but now I love talking about my career. Respond appropriately and show how much you love working in the OR and caring for your patients. Let them know you are solely focused on them and the care they will receive. A smile and a confident answer go a long way.

̶ D.E., RN 15 Years

Caring and tough nurse

Don't forget about any medical experience you've had in the past. You could answer, "I've been in the OR for 8 months and before that I worked with patients in a rehab clinic and on a medical-surgical floor. I have a variety of experiences that have really helped me grow as a nurse." Just because you haven't been in the OR long doesn't mean you don't have other valuable skills.

̶ J.H., RN 22 Years

surgery nurse

Don't worry if you trip over this question the first few times. Imagine if you were the patient, you would want someone with experience too! Just remember that each time you talk with patients and their families, you will become more confident and a better speaker.

̶ C.V., RN 17 Years