Will I Have A Lot Of Pain?

How To Answer Common Patient Questions

Hospital surgery center OR

R.W., RN 10 Years

"A fear of pain can really affect patients' anxiety levels. As with most surgery, there will be some degree of pain but assuring them that we will do everything we can to minimize it will help ease them. Oral and IV pain medications, along with local injections and blocks help the patient to be as comfortable as possible."

surgery nurse

M.M., RN 14 Years

"To me, relaying a mind-over-matter way of thinking about pain really helps the patient. Of course most people will experience discomfort after a surgery but not focusing on it really helps. Many times, depending on the surgery, patients will actually feel better. Remind them to think positive and to stay on top of the pain postoperatively."

surgery nurse

S.N., RN 21 Years

"Communicating with all the team members about your patient's anxiety over pain helps. Let your patient know that you are all there to keep them comfortable and as pain free as possible. Reassurance, communication and even physical touch can really ease your patient. Holding their hand or rubbing an arm while going under anesthesia, a warm blanket and a quiet room can comfort them. It's often little things that make a big difference.