Would You Recommend This Surgeon?

How To Answer Common Patient Questions

operative nurse in surgery

This is a tricky question to navigate. We don't want to lie but we also aren't really in the position to give an opinion. We can have our own personal biases but it should never interfere with our patient's confidence in their surgeon. They chose them for a reason and we need to do everything to support their decision.

T.B., RN 10 Years

surgery operating room

I always try to think of all the positives about that specific surgeon and convay that he or she will work very hard to care for them. When patients ask this question, they are looking for your approval and confidence in that particular surgeon. That's our role, not to offer an opinion but highlight the great attributes of that surgeon.

J.T., RN 13 Years

surgery nurse

Unfortunately, physicians have lost some of the publics trust in the last few years. As OR nurses, we see how hard they work, the long hours and the efforts they put in to take care of their patients. My goal when I answer this question is to try and give respect back to the surgeons that we've lost. The more we talk positively, the better overall for our profession.

H.S., RN 19 Years

Surgery nurse

Patients know that we have an inside view and are looking for some reassurance. I really try not to show emotions or expressions and simply answer the question. A response such as, "My personal preference isn't what matters right now, what matters is that I know the he/she is going to do everything they can for you and I've seen him/her do some really great work" is what I usually answer.

C.V., RN 10 Years